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<strong><a href="https://compagnielargile.com/en/the-factory-2/" data-type="page" data-id="1792">Angie Pict</a></strong> - Artistic director and acting teacher
Angie Pict – Artistic director and acting teacher

Angie, is graduated with a master degree on dramaturgy and stage writing. Since 2013, she develops her experience on artistic directing and actors training. She has worked for the theatre company Mémoires Vives as a « artistic manager » from 2013 to 2019 (She has directed Mise en veille, N°187, Un Récital aux Enfers based on Germaine Tillion’ master pieces, and a film Le secret de la Sauce Samouraï, first screened on April 2019). As a drama and acting teacher, she leads acting workshops at Aix-Luynes’ prison and on the Aix-Marseille University campus. Her artistic approach explores relations between poetical and political in performing arts.

<strong><a href="https://compagnielargile.com/en/foliages/" data-type="page" data-id="1770">Eric Schlaeflin</a></strong> - dramaturg
Eric Schlaeflin – dramaturg

Éric, has written a master degree thesis on « Off-stage, off-screen and theatricalness » which has become a key issue for his dramaturgic research process. Sounds and voices landscapes are part of his interest for stage design. He’s living between Guillestre, a village in South French Alps and Hong Kong. Since 3 years, he is committed on a creation process based on The Blue Bird by Maurice Maeterlinck. He also creates shorts pieces for stage, short videos, sound writings and performances in South-East Asia and France with other artists. He gives acting workshops in Asia and France, works punctually for theatre companies as a dramaturg.

<strong>Emmanuelle Bacou</strong> - actress, performer
Emmanuelle Bacou – actress, performer

After a degree on contemporary literature and speech therapist studies, Emmanuelle is a professionnel therapist since 2006. This work feeds her interest for interactions between the voice, the body and the language. Since 2011, as an actress, she is part of L’ARGILE productions. Emmanuelle also creates musical tales and performance art projects.

<strong>Julien Gourdin</strong> - actor, performer
Julien Gourdin – actor, performer

Holder of an engineer diploma and a pHD on applied physics, Julien has committed into an artistic retraining since 2006. Focused on performing arts since 15 years, his background is based on contemporary dance, acting and directing. Periodically he gives acting and stage writing workshops for a social care group Les Sentinelles Egalité in Marseille.

<strong>Manon Deplaix</strong> - lighting and sound director
Manon Deplaix – lighting and sound director

Before going for lighting directing, Manon has focused on theatre set and has passed a woodworking degree. She was part of several lighting design for the art department of Aix-Marseille University. She works with the theatre company In pulverem reverteris and Le Théâtre Nono. Manon follows L’ARGILE productions since 3 years.

<strong>Jacques Mandréa</strong> - actor
Jacques Mandréa – actor

Literature teacher, theatre actor, singer-songwriter-composer lead teenagers and adults groups in France, Morocco and Peru. Now, back to his home land, he reconnects with acting under Angie Pict’s direction. He is the president of L’ARGILE theatre company.

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