Foliage(s) – 葉子

Dramaturgy, sound writing, video work

Eric Schlaeflin

Foliage(s) is a space where settle drafts, researches, writing experiences with different languages and medias.

In the thickness of this imaginary canopy, organisms of words, images and sounds, appear, live and die. Sometimes for a moment, sometimes for days.

Off-screen 1

Amarcord, I remember Between 2015 et 2016, I’ve questioned the presence of an off-screen (a cinematographic term) through dance and theatre artworks. Was it only the translation into the language of the cinema of an off-stage‘s space coming from theatre ? Was there anything else to say…? Then I started a research on the topicContinue reading “Off-screen 1”

Winter solstice

A pray. For sure, a pray in the wind. But who ? Who can listen to our pray better than the wind ?  Winter solstice is a short videos rushes editing. An editing in short days done in Hong Kong at the end of 2017. Images come from elsewhere. Marseille, Massif Central, Hautes-Alpes ; someContinue reading “Winter solstice”

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