What birds see

Visual Theatre and Literature

What birds see is a reading staging of Nathalie Sarraute’s short texts

“In the invisible wall, a pan opens… and through the opening, what do we see ?”

Nathalie Sarraute, Open !

I remember a train station and a first read of Nathalie Sarraute’s texts, some Edward Hopper’s paintings, faces in Bergman’s film Persona.

Through three narrations and around fifty minutes, let’s go on a journey with Nathalie Sarraute’s writing and her world of tropisms.  

Some short texts, like tales – maybe a bit cruel – which would only exist while this special moment we are together.

Characters: W, M1, M2, Emmanuelle Bacou, Charlie Perdreau, Eric Schlaeflin

Stage design and Light set: Sonia Mikowski, Vinc “Princess”

Sound design: Julie Chevalier, Gwen Coffy

Dramaturgy and directing: Eric Schlaeflin

CQVO teaser (French)