The Blue bird, Variations

Maurice Maeterlinck
Letter to Charles Doudelet, July 7th, 1907 « This bird who seems nothing, is actually, harder to translate than a page of philosophy »

An initiatory journey

Tyltyl and Mytyl, woodcutter children, are deeply sleeping. Lights of Christmas’ evening at the rich’ home are shining bright through the wood shutters. The two children seem are awaking when a hunchback fairy appears in their bedroom. She orders to Tyltyl to get the blue bird, the only remedy able to cure her daughter from a mysterious illness: she wants to be happy… To help them, the fairy lends a magical diamond which gives the ability to hear and to see the soul of things and time. 

Begun in 2015, The Blue bird’s creation has become a serie of working steps. These « intermediate-shows » working like a promotion campaign on a creation process are a necessary requirement to enter one day in the performing arts industry. However, this « economic model » for artistic creation seemed to me farer and farer from my relation to Maeterlinck’s philosophical tale… This personal process was not to be completed with one more show; it could instead be a movement of transformations going from one artistic form to another, existing for itself with fragility, strength and shared only once with an audience. I remembered words I had heard from Christo. This situation was not a dead end but could open another way of thinking and working on this theatrical art piece… 


“My projects have nearly a legend dimension where reality and non-reality mix (…) they’re projects deeply linked to freedom (…) they’re projects we can’t buy, we can’t market, we can’t control and which are ephemeral.”

…Then I imagined this project starting with scenes of the play taken separately or by two or three. Different artistic forms were born, each one for an unique show – a performance art theatre in a way. These particular conditions of creation afford me to continue the journey started five years ago.

Each step gives the starting point of the next one. There is an idea of the walking and inner journey which are important to me. 

Eric Schlaeflin

Variations on « The Kingdom of the Future »

The Kingdom of the Future : Montmaur’s Castle (France), Theatre Antoine Vitez (France), Eaton Hotel (Hong Kong, China)…

“We are in the midst of the not yet born children…”

The Blue Bird #4 – At the Fairy + The Land of Memory

Back to the Distillerie (Aubagne) on spring 2018, we have created a sketches based on the first dreamlike scenes. For the first time, the young heroes of the theatrical tale meet the Other World…

The Blue Bird #3 – The Forest

Welcomed for a residence at La Déviation (Marseille, L’Estaque) on September 2017, we have continued our ‘variations’ work’ on The Blue Bird. The Forest is a scene where Tyltyl is sentenced by Trees and Animals for Human’s destructions on Nature.

The Blue Bird #2 – The Woodcutter hut

A theatrical sketches created at La Distillerie (Aubagne) with the support of “Place aux Compagnies”.

Human beings are very odd… Since the death of the fairies, they see nothing at all and they never suspect it…

The Blue Bird – sketches #1, a poem for the stage

Created for the Conte Escarpe Festival of Mont-Dauphin on 2014, this editing of The Blue Bird dialogs is like a short poem on evanescence’s and metamorphosis.