L’ARGILE’s short story

Guillestre – Marseille – Hong Kong

Angie Pict, artistic director – Eric Schlaeflin, dramaturg

We met when we were studying directing and dramaturgy at the Aix-Marseille University. We started to explore a strong interest for physical acting theatre and a theatre of words and voices. A shared artistic project is nearly born ! A couple of years later, we decided to work together in a director-dramaturg duo and to experiment possibilities given by this artistic relationship. Aware of hard times for performance arts, we have decided to push forward together the theatre company L’ARGILE. If the art of theatre is nowadays a futility, we are experiencing its importance and its strength.

A theatre project born in a mountain area…

The theatre company L’ARGILE was created on 2011 in the Guillestrois (Hautes-Alpes). Our appetite for contemporary plays and drama has steered our first productions. Several shows were directed and shown in this mountain region with the support of a couple of fab-lab and local stages in Provence-Alpes region (Le Fourmidiable – Veynes, L’ACSSQ – Guillestrois-Queyras, the Conte Escarpe festival – Mont-Dauphin, the TPM – Marseille, La Distillerie – Aubagne, La Déviation – L’Estaque) : Derniers remords avant l’oubli by Jean-Luc Lagarce (2012),  What birds see, a Nathalie Sarraute’s short texts editing (2014), a stage reading performance of Les Yeux bleus cheveux noirs by Marguerite Duras (2015), The Blue Bird (extraits) by Maurice Maeterlinck (2017-). From the start, the Département des Hautes-Alpes has been a constant financial support to our productions.

Experimentations and cultural projects in a theatrical process

We developed from 2013 to 2015 a monthly radio broadcast about literature and drama. It has been a great opportunity to experiment sound writing and radio drama. During these years, we also gave many acting and body expression workshops for people with health and social issues : disabled elderly in public hospital, marginalised people in a mutual help group. Education and cultural actions are an important part of our works. Angie gives weekly acting workshops for the youth from deprived neighbourhoods and adults in prison. Eric has recently given some theatre workshops at the French international’s school of Hong Kong and at the public library of Guillestre.